Vectis Equestrian Club

2017 News

2017 AGM

Our AGM was held at the Eight Bells, Carisbrooke on 23rd November attended by about 50 members and friends.

The Chairman reported on a successful past year with well attended events and rides.

Jane Frost gave a report of the many teams who competed at Area Competitions and named team members and individuals and their results including several juniors who competed at the Championships.

The treasurer's report showed a healthy balance of £4,503 at the end of September but Louise reminded us that over  £1,000 would shortly be due for affiliation fees. Last year team expenses were the main cost being in excess of £2,400.

Thanks were expressed to Peter Warren who kindly agreed to be Club Auditor for another year .

Hilary, Jane & Mandy were re-elected to the Committee; Louise who had been co-opted in 2016 was elected onto the Committee as was Georgina Leovold.  Amy Niccolls- Taylor was co-opted .

The Annual Awards were then presented.

2017 Showjumping Series

Sunday 17th September saw the last of the new and very popular Showjuming Series held at Froghill. There was a large turn out and all the classes were fiercely fought.Many thanks to Helen Woods and her band of helpers for organising this and Many Steen for the use of her facilities. The trophy for the winner of the series and the roesttes for the top four will be presented at the AGM. In no particular order the top 4 are:

Abbie Newnham, Ellie Atkey, Val Penn and Lauren Byrne,  so come along to the AGM and find out which of you  will take home the trophy!

Bank Holiday Monday Dressage 28th August 2017, 

thanks to Caty, one of our competitors for this write up 

Whilst all the Vespas, Labrettas and over-mirrored hairdryers scooted off the island and onto the ferry, we threw our Bank Holiday unaffiliated Dressage at Froghill. Clear skies, unforgiving 27-degree heat and people prancing about on horses in tight fitting trousers and hefty riding gear; that’s how you want to spend a work-free Monday. It was a great turn out with lots of friendly familiar faces, and despite the blistering heat, some great tests were ridden and lots of laughs had. 

There really wasn’t a huge amount between the placings, most classes were very close as everyone brought their A-Game. People must be gearing up for another great dressage season this October eh? 

With minimal bucking (though, who’d want to buck in the heat right?), jacket-free test riding and slushies from the Flossy Van, we marked this a successful day. The dressage arena markers even made it out of the day in one piece! 

Many thanks to judges Becky Wastall and Daryl Smilh along with all the other helpers without whom these events would not be possible. 

Down to the results…  

Class One was Vectis A with Ellie Dewhurst on Cholderton RFB Equiniox in first and Mollie Sheath on Olivia in second. Swiftly followed by Class Two; Intro B with Mollie Sheath ranking first on Rocky, Bethany King second on Allendale’s Cleopatra, Louise Watson third on Dassa and Naomi Nicol fourth on Murray. 

Class Three (Prelim 12) saw Georgina Leavold and Iris Wb win first, Anita Mattheson on Fulana take second, Chris Hiller with third and Charlotte Butler on Oakwood Red Flash take fourth. Class Four (Prelim 18) promptly followed with a first for Louise Hawkins and Llar Ceio, a second to Georgina Leavold and Iris Wb, third to Tina Read and Mr Footings and fourth to Helen Bull with Faberge Mystic. 

Our last two classes were the PYO Novice 27 or Elementary 42 and Medium 71. Class Five had Louise Hawkins and Llar Ceio steal anotherfirst place, Emily Thompson on Dino with close second, Tina Read and Mr Footings took third and Helen Reading with Faberge Mystic pocketed fourth. 

Class Six saw Amber Winson take first on the well-known Stig and Emily Thompson take a nail-bitingly close second.


Evening Dressage 2017, Chairman's Report

Luckily, we decided to postpone our first evening dressage after seeing the weather forecast.  This turned out to be a good decision when the evening proved as wet as predicted.  However, the following week we were rewarded with a beautiful warm evening for our packed 5 classes.  Charlotte Allard and Darrahern Beauty won both the Intro and Prelim 7 with a score of over 70% in both. Phoebe Niccolls-Taylor on Murphy came 2nd in Prelim. 7, only .2% behind and Freya Rann, also with a 70% plus score took 2nd in the Intro.

Prelim 18 went to Sam Dyer and Anna Reed's Sam with a 5% lead over 2nd placed Tina Muir on Southborne Rolo who, also,  won Elementary 43.  Louise Watson riding Maddy McIntosh's Dave took 2nd place in the elementary and Novice24 which was won byLouise Hawkins and her Ilar Ceio.

The next evening dressage went ahead on 19th July when we enjoyed another fine evening with 4 classes.  Anita Matheson on Fulana won the Intro B with Freya Rann in 2nd on the consistent Longstone Regal Duchess. Prelim. 14 went to Pip Smith and Archie with Dawn Norris and Brumleya Box a Trix in 2nd again both, with scores over 70%.

Places were reversed in Prelim. 2 when Dawn took top honours over Pip. Novice 27 was by Costa, ridden by Amy Pugh-Panther, closely followed by Amy Webster  on Benjamin Button.

My thanks to our judges Vicky Clark, Martine Harbour and Jackie Woodford (twice); to our wonderful scorers- Trish Collins and Deb Harris; our stalwart band of stewards, mainly  fueled by Pimms, our writers and  all the many other helpers who make these events run so smoothly and, of course, the Club's mother hen, Jane Frost who looks after everyone else.


Quiz evening 13th April 2017 - Chairman's Report

The Annual Quiz, held at The Chequers, as usual, resulted in the IW Riding Club regaining the trophy that was, last year, captured by the Froghll Four.

Questions, which were set by the Chairman with the assistance of Jane & Bev, ranged from Food & Drink, Choice of 4 and  recent news to map identification of British rivers and impossible pictures of bridges worldwide.

The I.W. Riding Club, once again, took a commanding lead at half time, eventually winning the trophy and £50 prize with 187 points. 'Froghill Four' became three, this year  competing as 'Froghill without Martin' but still managed 

second place with a creditable 173 points, while only 1 point behind, 'The Doubtfuls,  finished third.

Bringing up the rear and winning the booby prize were ' Vittlefields Vixens' who may have done better if they had stuck to water!

Well done everyone who took part and added to the fun.

NEW FOR 2017

We will be running a jumping series at Froghill with trophies for the series winners, see events diary for dates