Vectis Equestrian Club

Area Competitions

The Vectis Equestrian Club sends as many teams and individuals as possible to Area Competitions. A rider may only compete for one riding club at a time.  All riders must be a member of the affiliated riding club for which they are competing and must have paid their subscription by the closing date of preliminary entries for the competition they wish to compete in.  Their names, addresses, etc must appear in the current Membership Database held by BRC at close of preliminary entries.

To be able to compete at Area Competitions horses must have a current passport and up to date flu vac record.****  For dressage to music competitions you will have to be a music member of British Dressage.  Horses must be owned by a Vectis Equestrian Club member.  If you are not available for the Championship please make it known.  The Club will pay all TEAM entry fees - members to organise and cover cost of any extra individual entries and transport.

*** N.B. there is now a six-monthly rule with regard to flu vacs in line with the other disciplines i.e. BD, BS & BE.   Also, for show jumping elements of any competition it will be a requirement to only use a padded whip [see BS rules]   

Understanding the “6-month” Rule

here is a lot of confusion about the “6 month” vac.  Although booster vaccinations MUST be given within one calendar year, or face a re-start, the “6-month” vaccination is only required by certain organisations who govern competitions (eg BE & BRC, in normal circumstances).  Their requirement is that the latest vaccination must have been given WITHIN 6 months 21 days of the competition you wish to go to.  So, this one can be left for anything up to 12 months if you are not competing with those organisations.  Missing one of these does not ever require a full re-start.  It DOES NOT have to be done WITHIN 6 months of the latest vaccination to remain eligible; it entirely depends on the competition date.

In short:

·       Annual flu vacs are counted 12 months from the last vaccination and failure to do this in time results in a full re-start.

·       For the “6-month” rule, count BACKWARDS from the competition date, and if the most recent vac was longer ago than 6 months 21 days, a booster will be required.

It is important that you get in touch with one of the team coordinators below if you wish to take part. 

For dressage and dressage to music area competitions please contact Jane Frost

For show jumping and horse trials area competitions contact Georgina Leavold 



AREA 17 WEBSITE - for more information on Area events.             


MICROCHIPS - From 1st October 2018 all horses in England [not just those born since 2009] will have to be microchipped by law.  There will be a 2 year grace period however to give time to organise getting older horses microchipped.  So from 1st October 2020 it will be an enforceable law.   After this date ALL horses attending a BRC qualifier or championship [regardless of where they reside] MUST BE MICROCHIPPED if not they will be disqualified.


The BRC Advisory Committee met on Wednesday 13 January to discuss arrangements for the 2021 championships. The committee discussed the current lockdown situation across all nations and the implications this would have on the ability of areas to run qualifying competitions, as well as the championships themselves and the potential mixing of people from across the UK. It is with great disappointment that we must announce further cancellations to our calendar of events after losing many of our competitions in 2020. All options were investigated thoroughly, and we feel we have come up with the best solutions available to us, ensuring we adhere to government guidelines and keep our staff, officials, volunteers and competitors safe. Please be aware that the calendar may be subject to further change depending on government guidelines and the evolving situation with the pandemic.

Arena Eventing Championships 13 – 14 March: This event will be postponed from its original date and will now take place on 22 and 23 May 2021 at Aston le Walls.

Novice Winter Championships (Incorporating the rescheduled 2020 and 2021 Novice and Intermediate Championships) 26 – 29 March: This event will be cancelled. All dressage classes will be run as an online competition with further details to follow in due course. The show jumping classes will not be re-arranged. We know this is disappointing but there are no viable options within the current climate.

Intermediate Winter Championships 23 – 25 April: This event will be cancelled. All dressage classes will be run as an online competition with further details to follow in due course. The show jumping classes will not be re-arranged. We know this is disappointing but there are no viable options within the current climate. 

Combined Training Championships 22 – 23 May: This event will be cancelled with the rescheduled Arena Eventing Championships taking place on this date.

Horse Trials Championships 6 – 8 August: This event will go ahead but will run as a short format competition (no roads and tracks or steeplechase). All classes will run as one-day-events.

National Championships, Dressage to Music Championships and Quadrille: We are monitoring the situation closely and will issue another update that covers these events later in the spring.

April 23 - 25     Online Dressage - See Vectis results under "NEWS"

May 22 - 23Arena Eventing Championships

June 20 Riding Clubs Area Qualifier, Team Dressage at New Park Show Ground Sunday June 20th. This Area Competition is open to Senior and Junior Vectis members (all dressage arenas will be on grass). Horse/pony must have a valid Passport and 6 mth flu vac. Riders to organise and cover Travel costs. If you are interested in representing*Team Vectis * at this Area Event please contact me, message or email, Schedule for this Event has been emailed to Members .

August 6 - 8Horse Trials Championships  [short format]

Area Competitions run throughout the year and qualify for various Championships.   Competing as a Team can be good fun and a great experience.    For Members who haven’t yet been to an Area Event here are some general rules and information, (and a reminder for those who have).Riding Clubs Area Competitions are open all Senior and Junior Vectis Members.

  • Please let us know If your horse/pony has any BD/BS/BE points as some classes have restrictions.
  • Horse/pony must have a correct Flu Vac/Passport***, riders to have paid their subscriptions for the current competition year, horse/pony to be owned and ridden by a Vectis Member (horse/pony can also be on loan).
  • Organisers of RC competitions make it a condition of entry that each Club must provide a person to act as Helper for the day (one helper per Team) this has to be someone who is not competing at the event 
  • If you decide that you would like to take part in an Area event you will need to send a clear and legible photo copy of your horse/pony’s passport, showing all flu vacs from start, diagram of horse & cover page showing passport number, Microchip number and also let a committee member know you would like to enter
  • The Club will contribute towards Entry Fees riders to organise and cover travel costs.
  • Details of Events /Schedules are posted on Vectis website and emailed to members.
  • Visit Riding Clubs Area 17 website page, Area Events and results are posted here.
  • Full rules can be found on BHS Riding Clubs official website. Contact Jane Frost if you would like more information about Area Competitions.