Vectis Equestrian Club

Area Competitions

The Vectis Equestrian Club sends as many teams and individuals as possible to Area Competitions.

To be able to compete at Area Competitions horses must have a current passport and up to date flu vac record.  For dressage to music competitions you will have to be a music member of British Dressage.  Horses must be owned by a Vectis Equestrian Club member.  If you are not available for the Championship please make it known.

For dressage and dressage to music area competitions please contact Jane Frost.  For show jumping and horse trials area competitions contact Mandy Steen tel 840863.  It is important that you get in touch if you wish to take part.  For Endurance area events please contact Anna Lek.


Area 17 Website - for more information on Area events.              

BRC Flu Vac Checker - Click    

February 18th 2018

Winter team Show Jumping , novice and intermediate, held at Crofton Manor EC

March 24th 2018

Intermediate Dressage at Crofton Manor EC

March 30th 2018

Combined Training at Crofton Manoe EC

April 22nd 2018

Festival of the horse at Lark Hill