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British Riding Clubs and British Eventing have once again teamed up to offer exciting opportunities to BRC members competing at Novice and Intermediate levels with BE.

The leagues will be published on the BRC website and points will be awarded to all BRC members who complete in the following classes:

Novice /  Open Novice /  Novice U18 Section /  Intermediate /  Open Intermediate /  Intermediate U18 Section

BRC and BE will be awarding rosettes to 10th place. Prizes will be awarded in kind.

If you are interested in opting in for this league please fill out the booking form  and send it back to Jessica Payne at BRC HQ.

To find out more details about how the league works please see the link below, which will direct you to our website.- 

Report on BRC Horse Trials Qualifier by Amy Nicholls-Taylor:

Fantastic weekend representing Vectis equestrian at the BRC Horse trials qualifier. Well done Penny Edwards finishing 6th in the 80cm with an outstanding dressage score of 21 , 4 faults sj, and a little too speedy but clear xc🐎, Maddie-jayne Oakes and Ozzy coming 12th in the Junior 80cm, completing her first ever dressage test, clear sj and clear xc with just time faults to add, you should be super proud of your achievement 😊 and Phoebe Nicholls-Taylor in junior 80cm, individual 3rd dressage 31, only one pole sj and clear xc near to optimum time, also combining with IOW riding club juniors to represent area winning and qualifying for the finals.😊Big thank you also to Paul and Sue for being our helpers and doing a great job, and to Vectis Equestrian Club for allowing us to represent you at these events.

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Vectis Annual Team Quiz Report 2019

Vectis News

BRC Festival of the Horse


Sunday March 31st 2019 - Dressage @ Lake Farm

This will be the final and championship show of our Winter Dressage Series kindly sponsored by Wight Animal Bedding and featuring Sunshine Tour 2019 Qualifiers as well as the Retraining of Racehorses Riding Clubs Challenge for ex racehorses.   The winner of this series on the Island for 2018 was Seigneur des Bois owned by Anna Reed and ridden by both Sam Dyer and Martine Harbour.

Summer Showjumping series 2018

Many thanks to Helen and her army of helpers for organising these events. 

The points have been worked out and the top 4 in no particular order are:

Penny Edwards.         Tonto
Maddie Oakes.            Ossie
Keira Harper.               Dolly
Jessica Morris.            Striker

So, come along to the AGM where the winners will be revealed!!

Area Dressage Sunday 15th July 2018

Report from our WINNING TEAM member Helen Bull

 It was a very early start but at least it was cool at 5am. The Senior Vectis Dressage team were traveling to Hurn to compete in the Riding Test and Senior Open Teams, Tina Read, Penny Edwards, Cally Dawkins and myself, Helen Bull. Tina and Penny went via Yarmouth and Cally and I from East Cowes meeting up on arrival. Our very valuable helper was Alex Pugh-Panther and team leader Jane, both always encouraging and enthusiastic even when things did not go to plan.

  I am not sure any of us performed to the best of ours or the horses abilities in the Riding Test prompting Jane to say afterwards that we should give that a miss next time! However we managed to pull it out of the bag in the Open team, where we all rode a different test and everyone upped their game having settled down in the surroundings and acclimatised to the heat. I believe Tina got very overheated and felt quite unwell for a time, but we horsewomen are made of stern stuff. Personally I don't think I've ever ridden in quite such intense heat and the relief at being able to take your hat and boots off when finished was immense. Alex was perched in a chair in the hottest part of the field for two hours stewarding, shouting at the top of her voice for the correct number to come on down, she did a magnificent job and got all to the correct arena in time.

  Before we left Jane was getting quite excited as depending on Cally's result we had either finished first or second. We all left at a similar time, going in different directions. Unfortunately we got held up for half an  hour in traffic due to an accident on a roundabout so missed our 4pmferry. We were still on the way home when Jane sent through the news that we had WON! She also sent a picture of her Bacardi and coke that she was then enjoying in the cool of her garden. Talk about envy, we were still on the ferry!

  I think we would all like to thank the club for giving us this opportunity and especially to Jane, who always seems to believe in us when we have doubts.


Area Show Jumping Feb 18th 2018 at Crofton Manor Equestrian Centre

A day in the life of Georgina Leavold!!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes for #TeamVectis SJ. 

To say adversity played a part today would be an understatement! Last night saw our first hurdle with poor Lauren's pony having a swelling to his leg. We all thought our prayers were answered when she had a second ride but at 7am this morning to realise the jabs had just gone out of date! 🙈

None the less with a team of helpers and supporters in Lauren and her family we headed off to crofton with Jane's fine words of: "don't worry you only need three to win!" 

I think I then jinxed the team by joking; "No one can get eliminated in the first round as now we have three it will mean the team won't be able to jump the second!!"

Charlotte was in first and sadly (or frustratingly for Charlotte) Barney couldn't overcome his fear of the very scary Olympic Swimmers cut out fence.

I was to ride second and in a very busy electric warm up arena and a couple rodeo moves later I was hoping to stay on board!! Thankfully we got in the ring and Carrera switched on to her job popping the course to role an unlucky pole after loosing a bit of balance coming off a tight corner.

Abbey was last to ride and had a lovely round and having that same "pesky" pole I did; just loosing rhythm on the corner. 

We are all a bit gutted we didn't bring back any placings and we could have done with a bit of luck on our side, but it wasn't to be today. That's horses.....🙄

As always thank you to vectis for sending us. Thank you to Tash, Katarina, Sophie and Kirsty for helping today we couldn't have done it without you guys. 

Next training! 🐴