Vectis Equestrian Club


The Committee                     

Job Title

 Name Email
 Chairman Diane Andrews 840248
 Minutes Secretary
Linda Allen 07837586968
 Treasurer Louise Blow 740827
 Membership Secretary
 Bev Snudden
 Dressage Team Entries & First Aider
 Jane Frost 741235
 Welfare Officer and S.J.Teams Coordinator
 Georgina Leavold
 07834 515681
 S.J.Teams Coordinator
 Amy Nicholls-Taylor
 07834 422304

Child Safeguarding and Protection, Dressage Teams Coordinator & First Aider
Carla Maskill
07805 518666
 Unaffiliated Dressage Organiser 
Mandy Steen 
 Committee Member & First Aider Sandy Evans  
 Website & Entries Secretary Trish Collins
 Training Evenings Mandy Steen 840863
 Committee Member
 Penny Dyer 

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