Vectis Equestrian Club


The Committee                     

Job Title

 Name Email
 Chairman Diane Andrews 840248
 Vice Chairman and Minutes Secretary
Jackie Woodford 760650
 Treasurer Louise Blow 740827
 Membership Secretary
 Bev Snudden
 Unaffiliated Dressage and Dressage Teams Jane Frost 741235
 Welfare Officer Trish Collins 852401
 Endurance Teams and Welfare Officer
 Anna Lek 854166
Child Safeguarding and protection
Carla Maskill
07805 518666
 Committee MemberLouise Watson
07816 907044
 Committee Member Helen Wood07754 455346
 Website Hilary Box
 Training Evenings Mandy Steen 840863
 Committee Member
 Linda Allen 07837586968

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